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About Muriel

Muriel Blanc is a global spiritual mentor who has impacted the lives of thousands with her intuitive coaching and messages. Through deep understanding of Alchemy and the 12 universal laws, Muriel offers intuitive guidance that allows individuals or group to achieve more joy, inner peace, freedom and new levels of prosperity.

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LA Tribune Best Author


Discover inner enlightenment with "Awakening the Soul’s Vibration: Sacred Mandalas for Healing and Transformation" by Muriel Blanc, now an official Los Angeles Tribune Bestselling Book. This groundbreaking work combines stunning art, profound symbolism, and interactive elements, inviting readers on a transformative journey into the rich history and therapeutic powers of mandalas for self-discovery and spiritual growth.

My Story

Having been initiated from a very young age in healing modalities, as well as studying ancient texts from many mystery schools, Muriel’s mission is to inspire and empower each person she encounters to live a life of abundance by encouraging them to follow their passions and dreams so together we can co-create a better world. She currently offer private session worldwide, in-person and online. She loves to advocate for justice and freedom.

With an alchemical blend of compassion, empathy, and intuition, Muriel's intuitive connection with her clients is a profound gift. She delves into the depths of their souls, illuminating hidden patterns that have been blocking their progress. In her artistic expression, Muriel crafts custom mandalas imbued with sacred geometry based on each client's Divine Soul Blueprint. These Mandalas serve as powerful talismans, resonating with transformation and alignment, visual representations of the alchemical journey. 

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